Saturday, March 28, 2020

Action aka Kamasutra Candy

            Interview with Action aka Kamasutra Candy

1. So where are you from? What state do you reside in currently? Do you travel?

Fayetteville, North Carolina, but I grew up in the Midwest, primarily northern Wisconsin where I lived with my grandfather, may he rest in peace. I adored him. I also spent a few years in Minneapolis, MN where I graduated college with honors in 2011 despite trials of homelessness. I worked my butt off, and eventually moved to NYC for about a year, before stopping back in the Midwest for a little bit and then heading to Los Angeles in December 2015, where I’ve been ever since. Not traveling during the time being, but we hope to tour with our music once things normalize again. We’ll be doing live stream shows in the mean while.

2. Marital status?

Happily married. In 2010 I was a body paint model (first time) at a fundraiser warehouse party where I met and began dating my soon would-be husband – the body painter - who proposed on 11/11/11 and we would later marry on 11/11/12, and whom besides being my best friend is also my band mate, business partner – we host, produce, and perform in benefit music events and festivals, and also sell our digital art and music, mostly online, together we run, The Band Famous apps, – and we also produce erotica together. We run and have sprinkled our erotica in various places on the web. We’ve been together close to a decade, and this November will be our eighth wedding anniversary.

3. How long have you been active in the lifestyle?

We have been active in a more or less polyamorous lifestyle since at least 2013, so probably about seven years. We both dated a girl in Minnesota for a while back around 2013/2014, but she preferred to view herself as dating two separate people rather than really fully recognizing us as a married couple that she was seeing, it was strange. I’ve also had other weird things happen to me from, well I really can’t call it anything else but jealous women who don’t like the idea of sharing my husband with me, even if I’m cool with being out of the picture. There was the time I took my husband to a bowling date and stayed and bought everyone a drink, per my husband’s request (he was nervous because we were newly poly). We met this girl a week prior when we were doing body painting for Sexapalooza at the Minneapolis Convention Center, an adult convention led by Canadian women. She knew that I was his wife, but her friends were telling my husband that she was dtf. I was open to it, and who knows maybe this girl might like girls, I thought she was pretty cut myself and would be curious to maybe get to know her… Unfortunately when we were getting bowling balls together she “accidentally” dropped her bowling ball on my hand. Then as we were about to start the first game of the night she excused herself to the bathroom, only to leave her bowling shoes and dip out without even having the decency to say good bye. She clearly was only interested in banging my husband behind my back, like some broads that get a high sleeping with married men, as if that makes them more attractive or something. It’s a sad little mind game some insecure women play. I don’t know why some women legitimately lose interest in my husband knowing fully that he’s married only after they find out that I’m ok with it, that I give my blessing for him to bless their pussy and/or ass. I don’t get some women, but I don’t get some men, either. A little back story on the polyamory: my husband had been perpetually cheated on from his very first relationship in high school, and as a result he became a part of the problem and typically wound up cheating in every single relationship he was in after that. We were exclusive for three years and both feel we were destined to be with each other, we had already overcome so much together and were inspired for the future. So later on closer to the wedding when he proposed getting married but trying polyamory, or an open marriage of some sort, I was open-minded. I had never officially tried an open relationship before but considering I am bisexual and we’re both a little queer and weird – you could say it seemed worth exploring with someone I loved and someone who I consider my best friend.

We have found playing with couples, such as same room, or where the girls both make-out and fool around, sometimes works and can be fun. Overall though, it’s less stress and easier to find well-endowed men, typically men with big black cocks, who are the most respectful to my husband and I as a couple, and individually. They are just more chill and laid back and don’t have a problem with us being polyamorous, and a bit queer, they generally vibe with us. We have a few BBC friends that I’ve played with and every time we’ve caught it on film and photograph to enjoy later. We liked it enough that we thought other people might appreciate our erotica, and honestly a handful of people were likening our band project to soft-core porn that we thought, “Well, there must be a demand for us making erotic art or something, why don’t we try it”. To be fair, our music video for “Promises” has some strong sexual themes. We absolutely nailed some implied sex scenes; we’ll just say that. We call ourselves ethical sluts because we are very careful with who we play with, we aren’t looking to cause any disruptions to any happy homes i.e., we aren’t chasing after married men or women if we don’t have their partner’s awareness and blessing. We have had a few threesomes with men and women, although it’s proven easier to find men that are okay joining my husband and I in the bedroom, and whom are cool with being recorded and being a part of our erotic art project with Kamasutra Candy as well. I would love to find some more women who want to play with my husband and I together, as well as one-on-one with me, as well as one-on-one with my husband. There’s plenty of lovin’ to go around with the right vibes. We’re both regularly tested and any potential lovers – male or female – must also do the same and we exchange recent test results that we are all STD-free. No sex is worth putting our health and already great sex life together at risk. We also have our friends who model with us in our erotic photos and videos sign a 2257 form; we have their contractual consent to share our collaborative erotic art in the methods that we do.

4. How did you get introduced to sex with black men?

I grew up in a small town with a racist mother. There weren’t very many people of color in the area. I also repressed my sexuality because she was a vicious woman. I was a called a “slut, whore,” and worse in middle school and high school, way before I ever lost my virginity. It was hard for me to enjoy sex fully even when I did began exploring; it took me years to heal from her abuse and to reclaim my personal power back. I moved away during college and I had my first encounter with a black man when I started dating an older light-skinned black drummer when I was 19 and celebrated my 20th birthday with him. I got flack from my mother for dating him, too. After we broke up, I had a friend with benefits for a while who was a true BBC, dark skin and all. We’re still friends to this day. After him I had one other friends with benefits with a sexy black man, and then I met the love of my life, my sexy Latin stud. My mother didn’t like him either because he saw right through her bullshit. I cut her off since she failed miserably at showing me the bare minimum of respect I know I rightfully deserve, and now I’m living my best life with my best friend. My husband loves that I am a slut for BBC sometimes. Some men bring their special lady flowers, some chocolates; I get that from my husband sometimes, plus some of the sexiest guys he knows I will love. A couple of our good friends with BBC I met through my husband. Back in 2015 for our wedding anniversary, he surprised me with a sexy new friend, and we’re still friends to this day but sadly he’s not in the same state as us. I’m sure we’ll create some more erotic art together in the future. My husband is “Daddy”, and then there is my “BBC Daddy”, who has a huge cock, the biggest cock I’ve ever conquered, and my husband was so proud. He’s very respectful to both of us, professional, and down-to-earth. We’re happy to all be friends.

5. Describe your first time having sex with a black man?

The first black man I had sex with was an older light-skinned Buddhist hippie drummer guy, he drummed for an African Dance class that I danced at most Saturdays, and it was a fun experience. We dated for a couple of months, and it was shortly after my 20th birthday that I had sex with him for the first time. I remember he massaged me first (winning) and then he ate my pussy so good, like I had never had my pussy eaten like that before. I had struggled with orgasm in the past, arguably from the abuse and trauma I had been through, and also arguably because I simply hadn’t experienced much sexually up until that point – but when he was eating me out for the first time I thought I was going to cum from that alone. I was mad that he teased me and didn’t bring me all the way because it felt like a glass ceiling I was about to break through. It’s kind of funny and I remember feeling like him teasing me with his mouth was sort of my karma, because I had enjoyed being a tease in the past. A classic example was the time I almost had a threesome with this girl and guy in college. The girl guilt tripped me that she didn’t have friends so I brought her into my friend circle. There was a guy I had made out with a couple of times, I think he was Jewish, but we never had sex or did anything beyond make out. Well one night she texted me if I wanted to have a threesome with a guy with a “decent dick and a nice body”, and I knew it was the guy that I had made out with before, and I considered it enough to later go upstairs with the two of them. I ate the girl out so good, she was squirming and very vocal about the great job I was doing on her, but she didn’t reciprocate and eat me out in return, and I remember being pretty boosted and insulted in that moment that I was like, “Well, I’m done here”, and I left the room, leaving both the guy and girl hot and bothered and unfulfilled in their MFF threesome fantasy. It clearly left an impact because this guy later said to a different girl friend of mine, “No I will NOT have a threesome with you and Action” – substituting Action (my erotic alias) with my real name here, but it was pretty hilarious. In truth I wasn’t really feeling the guy enough to have sex with him one-on-one, which is why I only made out with him a couple times and never let it go further, and I was disappointed in the girl for failing to return some of the love that I gave her that in that moment, even being a bit intoxicated, I was like, “Nope these two don’t deserve anything more from me”.

As my then first-black boyfriend was eating my pussy and bringing me close to orgasm, but teasing me and not taking me all the way there – I remembered that night I got those two hot and bothered and coolly walked out without going any farther than eating that girl’s pussy, and laughed to myself that that’s probably what I deserved for being such a tease myself. When we did eventually have sex it was definitely better than some of the previous sex I’d had, but besides him being black, I have to attribute that to him being older as well. He clearly had had more sex than I had had in my lifetime and it showed. We were semi-polyamorous in a way, too I suppose – albeit not officially – but he gave me permission to date a lesbian musician I was into, who was also into me, but even back then I was too shy to go all the way with this woman because I was so into her I think I was kind of intimidated by her myself. I remember him asking, “Should I be jealous”? And yea, he should have been, because I was more into that woman that I was into him, but he turned me off because he was so flirty with other women before I had ever started dating a woman, and he just wasn’t transparent about it at all, meaning he was flirting with them behind my back, a big turn-off.

After I broke up with him, I met a couple other guys. The first man I dated for a while was beautifully dark-skinned and around my age and he was just as curious of being with a white woman as I was of being with a black man. We hung out and I was the first white woman he ever ate out, and he was first full black man I ever gave head to. He was packing, too, at least 8 inches, if not 9 inches in length and had real good girth, too. We had sex and it was great, we definitely were into each other sexually and had good chemistry, and we had a nice friendship, too. He was very protective of me and made me feel safe, I could feel that he genuinely cared about my well-being – and not just because we were friends with benefits but because he liked me as a person just as I liked him. One night I was stranded in Minneapolis in a shady part of town and there were these Somalian taxi drivers eyeing me and making me uncomfortable, really. I had just left a concert, I think it was Slightly Stoopid or something, and I was going to be walking home but it didn’t feel safe to do so, so I reached out to my friend Michael and he dropped everything he was doing in the middle of the night to be my black knight in shining armor and get me home safely. I had him over at my apartment and we fucked like bunnies a few times. Then once or twice I went over to his place; I even met his mother, and we would fuck there. We almost dated more officially, but he had a baby mama he had a little girl with and although he and the mother were not together, which his mother even verified, it felt like I would be imposing at the time to have more of a relationship, so I was happy just being friends with benefits, less pressure and less stress that way and we still cared about each other, it’s not like it was meaningless sex.

Then later on I met my 2nd friends with benefits, another full black man – dark skin, beautiful melanin – and believe me when I say he was one of the sexiest black men I’ve ever laid eyes on, who literally turned me on just by my looking at him. I’m not even talking dick pics, I didn’t know what he was packing from the photos; he just looked good. We chatted for a while online at first, and then later on the phone, and when I heard his deep voice on the phone and how articulate he was on top of all this, I knew I stumbled upon another weakness. Not only was he kind, nice, funny, athletic, professional – with his own place and financially secure – but also he was well-educated, intelligent, and so handsome with a perfect smile and a sexy jaw line and just sexy features all around and to top it all off, he had that deep “Baby Boy” voice.

When we finally got together it was late night, and we hung out for a while. Honestly had it been filmed it would have been hot to watch, thinking back on it. There’s me, still a relatively shy, closet freak, having pretty much my first ever truly-submissive experience with a sexy black man packing a big black cock. We didn’t even fuck that night, but we grinded, I guess I gave him a lap dance or something and then later I sucked his dick with both of us naked in his bed – mirrors on the ceiling and everything – and I absolutely loved how verbal he was while I was doing so. He was probably the first man to give me a big head about my oral sex skills. I just remember him expressing his surprise at how good I was at sucking on his big black cock. We lay in bed and cuddled after I finished him off. Like a gentleman he drove me to my college classes the next morning, and there was probably something different in my energy field after that, in a good way. Perhaps it was that I was starting to fully break the pattern of repressing my desires and always being such a good girl, and I let myself enjoy myself without guilt or shame. I was respected and treated right before, during, and afterwards. We hung out later and he even offered to help me with opportunities with my dreams when he heard me sing later on while smoking blunts with his friends and my then roommate and I. His mother was a touring singer I later found out, but I wasn’t trying to be opportunistic, although I was flattered and appreciated the thought as well as the positive feedback and support. We didn’t see each other all that often but when we did it was friendly and also erotic, we were definitely friends with benefits but we played safe, both tested and we used condoms. He fucked me like a slut while still somehow making me feel respected and like a little sex goddess and I liked that.

All the while this was going on, I had girl friends trying to “set me up” with friends of their boyfriends’. I was dodging dudes advances left and right. I didn’t want to be in a relationship, I was trying to focus on school and I was perfectly content having a couple of friends with benefits that I saw one-on-one a few times a year and I could release any pent-up tension with them sexually. It helped me balance my work and play priorities honestly. I was pretty content.

It wasn’t too long after this, though, that I was caught off guard and met the love of my life. I was a model part time and one night I agreed to join my girlfriend as a body paint model and he was the artist who painted us. We bonded immediately and started dating. It felt more like we were reuniting than meeting for the first time and we had so many things in common, like eerily so, plus similar ideals and life goals. We instantly developed into an incredible team.

I know my beautiful black friends with benefits were still there for me if I were to call on them, but once I met my then boyfriend-now husband I was pretty direct with them both, letting them know that I found myself in a serious relationship and that I needed to end our little relationship we had going. One of them was like I’ll still see you on the down low if you want, but that wasn’t my style back then and still isn’t my style to date. However, since my husband and I began exploring being more polyamorous a few years later on, he told me to reach back out to my sexy black friends with benefits, these two handsome gentlemen I saw before my husband. I’m friends with both of them to this very day, but we’ve yet to have the opportunity to reunite and meet-up for some kinky, slutty fun. Maybe one day we will though. I feel pretty spoiled rotten by my loving, loyal, wonderful husband plus the couple of sexy black male friends that we have made together since being polyamorous, though. I can’t complain. Who knew I could have the best of both worlds? A loving and devoted husband, band mate, and companion in every way, who also is kinky like me and indulges me with my sexual explorations with beautiful black men and who lets me get my freak on with beautiful women I click with, too?! Almost seems too good to be true, but nope this is real life, I am happy and blessed. Too blessed to be stressed!

6. Describe your personality?

I would say that I am kind, thoughtful, funny, quirky, witty, intelligent, and sometimes sarcastic. I’m personable and amiable, I have empathy and compassion, which makes it easy for me to connect and relate to others. I have an attitude of gratitude, and perhaps a deeper appreciation for many things in life than the average person may have simply from all of the hardships I’ve persevered through. I have integrity and am a very honest person, even if it means shocking people at times. I am fiercely self-sufficient and independent and I don’t take orders from anyone. Yes I may be submissive in the bedroom at times, but I only surrender my dominance by choice. Girl friends have called me “bossy” in the past because I was just always so gung-ho about doing things my way. They got it twisted, I’m not bossy, but I am a boss ass bitch, in the most loving way possible. Guy friends have said that I am intimidating because I’m too smart and too sexy that they can’t handle it. Poor dudes. I almost feel sorry for some of them that they feel that way, but more so I just laugh it off. I’m not taking things too seriously. I’m also not about to dumb myself down so you can handle my energy. If I’m giving myself to you, my energy in any capacity, you have to be ready to swallow me whole – there is no bite-size version of me. I’m not the type of woman that comes in small doses. Justice, fairness, and equality are very important to me. I’m happy when I see hard work pay off for anybody. I’m happy when the scales are balanced, but I guess I am a Libra (cusp with Virgo tendencies).

I have a loving energy (Queen of Hearts, ya’ll), I want people to be taken care of and I want people to be happy, to have peace and to prosper, but I won’t expend my energy to just anyone to help them attain that for themselves. I won’t bend over backwards and jump through hoops to try to please every one simply because I’d like people to be happy and content with their lives. Ultimately that is a choice that people have to make for themselves and put in the work themselves to be happy. That’s a valuable lesson that I learned in always trying to make my mother happy growing up, which proved utterly impossible:

I can’t make the choice for someone to be happy, that’s something they have to work on for themselves. I can only make the choice for myself, and I always choose to be happy. I could focus on the excruciating hardships of past, my childhood, even some of the hardships I’ve endured in my adult life, but why focus all of my energy on the negative when there are so many beautiful things in this world I can put my energy into? I’m not about to let myself remain a victim of PTSD for the rest of my life. I’m always proactive about evolving, growing, healing, transcending. I’m here to heal the traumas in my DNA; I’m healing from past abuse and hardships through the arts, music, and good old-fashioned sexual healing with my best friend and other good friends that support me fully. Oh and I’m brave and courageous. I break down barriers and I break cycles, and I cut out toxic people from my life even if it means my own blood. I love myself enough that no matter what table I’m sitting at, if love is no longer being served, I’m gone. I won’t sit at that table any longer.

7. Any piercings or tattoos?

I have my ears pierced but rarely wear earrings. I have my belly button pierced. I had my nose pierced and often wore a tiny nose stud or tiny silver hoop. I lost it a few years back and it may have closed up on me, but I’ve been thinking about bringing it back.

I have one tattoo, on my left hip / pelvic area.

8. Do you, or would you ever get a "Queen Of Spades" temporary or permanent tattoo? Do you consider yourself a QOS`s lady or do you just love black men but don`t need a tattoo to show it?

I would get a temporary one, sure. If I ever got a Queen of Spades tattoo for real it would more be designed around the Queen of Hearts, which is my birth/life card in cartomancy, and the Queen of Diamonds, which is my husband’s birth / life card, and I would include all suites – so maybe all four queens, or just the Queen of Hearts with a spade, a club, and a diamond around her. That would be the kind of Queen of Spades tattoo I would consider.

I love black men, and I do consider myself a Queen of Spades among other things, but I don’t need a tattoo to show it.

9. Interracial swinging and porn is becoming increasingly more popular and prevalent every day. It seems allover... online, almost with sites like and couples and women are seeking black men out in record numbers, why do you think this is and
how much more progress can be made? I know lack of black men in certain areas of states/countries for white/etc couples and women are a problem? Not enough black men to go around. Do you think social media and network groups can help to remedy this? You may answer if you would like. Or leave blank if you do not have an opinion.

I think this is due to a combination of things. There might be several women out there who can relate to me in their experience of how uptight, jealous, possessive, and downright irrational some white men and non-black men can be when it comes to dating, sex, etc. There is definitely some taboo to interracial dating / sex / marriage / etc. still because racism has been such a blemish to humanity. Obviously women and couples seeking out black lovers are not racist and don’t like racism, or they wouldn’t be seeking out interracial experiences. For me I feel like interracial sex combats racism, and I’m probably not alone in thinking and feeling that way. Yes part of my attraction to black men may have been partially due to the lack of black men around me growing up, and the mere curiosity of experiencing something I’d never had. I also felt like if I wanted to be accepted by my mother I could never really date or be with a black man because of her racism. I really don’t care about being connected to her, though, regardless of her being my mother. She’s been pretty shitty honestly, and I’m not going to repress my desires to please her racist ass, or any other racist ass-hat out there. I’m not living my life to please anyone. I’m here to enjoy my life and pursue my dreams, as well as my passions, including those around intimacy with others. It’s true that some areas don’t have many – if any – black men around who would be available to meet with exploring couples and women, but yes – social media and the internet changes everything. There’s this app called 3fun, which I haven’t met anyone from in real life yet, but it seems promising to any couple looking to add another – hence “3” fun – to their sexy adventures. Then there are sites like Fetlife and of course everyone knows Tinder. I never tried Tinder myself but some people have had good luck with it. There are many ways that the Internet makes it easier than it would be to connect with like-minded people in the real world that you might not otherwise meet or know they exist. The Internet alone can help many couples explore interracial swinging and porn and help solve the dilemma of “not enough black men” per couples or women in any given area.

10. There is a huge interracial fetish within this lifestyle, do you prefer to date black guys or have no preference on who you play with?

I am a size-queen, so as long as I’m attracted to their face and body, they have a good personality, and they’re stacked, like well-endowed, at least 7 inches in length with some good thick girth going on, chances are I’m going to be turned on regardless of race. It just so happens that a lot of sexy fit, black men happen to be well endowed, too, so it’s usually a win-win. I enjoy rewarding good men sexually, meaning regardless of race, if I don’t feel they have a good heart and good intentions with others, I’m turned off, no matter how big that cock is or how fine they are. But if they’re kind, respectful and would stand up for others, have a good heart and integrity – and they’re packing a monster cock – best believe I will rock their world. I love rewarding good people. It’s the same way with the women that I adore and hope to explore more further with someday, they are beautiful on the inside and that’s the biggest turn on. They’re gorgeous, too. To me, someone that is beautiful on the outside is exciting but when it’s paired with inner beauty – OOF. I prefer a sexy man or woman that looks good on the outside, but that looks just as good if not better when we’re talking about their inner beauty and character. I will not be turned on if their inner package isn’t matching their outer package, that’s all I’m saying. I married a Latin stud, so again race isn’t a huge thing for me, I have a few “types” you could say, for non-black races, I typically prefer dark features, a nice jaw line, fit, funny, sexy smile, eyes, a nice butt I can grab onto – all that good stuff. In our experience, some white guys can get a little too needy, too clingy. Even before I met the love of my life and tied the knot, I noticed that white guys I dated would often “fall for me” too quickly. Like I know that I’m a catch, and I appreciate it, but slow down buddy. They were far too needy, not enough security or self-esteem or confidence or something – and jealous, usually jealous and insecure. I have never really dated with or been with a black man who had insecurities like that. In my experience it’s the opposite: black men are so secure they don’t even really care if the fling is ongoing or a one-time thing, they’re chill either way, and they’re respectful to my husband as well as to me. Black men don’t typically have a problem being with me while my husband is in the room but for some white guys they’re weird about it, they act like it’s gay to be ok being around another naked man. For the record my husband isn’t bi (not that it would be wrong if he were, I’m bi after all); he’s just a freak like me and can handle a little more stimuli in the bedroom. Even when it’s just us two we have a crazy good sex life. We’re just a little kinkier than the average vanilla couple. When another man joins our bedroom all the attention is on me, and typically – contrastingly – when another woman joins our bedroom we focus all the attention on my husband. Also, one of my close BBC friends is a little bi and that’s ok. It doesn’t bother me what people’s sexual preferences are as long as they’re practicing safe sex and being responsible, decent human beings etc. I say let the freak out if it’s not hurting anyone. Now we have had some great experiences with white men joining us as well, as I mentioned one of my college friends that always wanted to fuck me and we met up recently and made that fantasy come true. It’s a case-by-case basis, that’s to say: not every black man is without insecurities, just as there are white men, Indian men, Middle Eastern men, Asian men, who are perfectly confident and happy with themselves, secure with their whole package – their outer appearance and their character. But generally speaking, black men are more laid back, less uptight, more dtf without blowing up my phone constantly and being too pushy or needy. They also have just been overall less entitled than some white men come off as. Some white guys come at me and think that just because I’m being a slut on my own terms with my husband and close friends that I’m here to be a slut on anyone else’s terms, too. I’ve had some guys come at me like I’m a free-for-all just passing out friendly neighborhood fucks, and it’s not like that at all. I am so picky, I truly believe in quality over quantity. No pity fucks given here. If I’m fucking you or being intimate with you, it’s because I’m attracted to you not only sexually with your outer appearance, but I’m attracted to you mentally as well. Some people say sapio-sexual, well my mind definitely has to be stimulated as well as my body. If I’m connecting my body with yours it’s because my heart likes your heart, you have good integrity and character, a good sense of humor, good vibes, and turn me on with your overall energy – the full package. A hot body is shallow and boring without any depth behind it. It’d be like opening an empty box. Boring!

11. What is it about black men? What thing/things turns you on about them?

One thing that turns me on is the contrast of their beautiful melanin on my much paler skin. Then there is their deep voices, their smooth charisma, their physique – most black men put effort into taking care of their bodies, and yes other races – white, Indian, Asian, and other races might work out and keep themselves fit, but I don’t know there’s something about a sexy, fit black man that just stands out to me. When I was in high school, arguably even as early as the 7th grade I knew I liked women – that I was as attracted to them just as I was to sexy men – thanks to revealing crushes I had developed on angel Aaliyah, Shakira, Mila Kunis, and others; and I knew I liked black men thanks to men like Ginuwine, and Tyrese in that movie “Baby Boy” – good Lord. I knew I had to try on some big black cock some day when I saw that movie. “Yeah you like Daddy’s dick?” was a question I knew I wanted to hear from a sexy black man one day. I grew up in a small town with mostly white people, some Native Americans, and once in a while we would have maybe one or two black men in the entire town, but I wasn’t at the age to explore back then, it was merely a mental note of curiosity. It was exciting when I saw attractive black men, though, because it was so rare to see in the region I grew up, and I remember when I was 16 years old I was living with my mother and then step-dad, and their neighbor was this FINE older black man named Greg. There was a time I went over to smoke a blunt with him because we had smoked weed together, even my mom smoked with him (she was only selectively racist you could say but I pretty much disowned her when she wouldn’t remove a certain word from her vocabulary, she even said that Greg wasn’t one, which I’m obviously omitting the term). One day I was sitting there in Greg’s apartment, adjacent to mine, and he sparks up the blunt. There’s some sexual tension in the air as we both were clearly attracted to each other, and I noticed Magnums on his bedside table. I had never been with anyone who required a Magnum, and I know I was thinking about what it would be like at the time. He even said aloud, “I can’t believe I’m even thinking what I’m thinking, I have a daughter who is 14 years old, just a little younger than you, but man, if you were 18…” and he kind of giggled in this sexy and innocent way that to me nonverbally communicated: “I would love to corrupt that young hot, white body and give you the BBC dicking you’ve been fantasizing about”. We both were thinking about it, and part of me wishes I would have indulged my big black cock sweet tooth back then. I know that would have been some HOT sex, but a big reason I behaved was that I liked the girl he was seeing – they weren’t super serious but I still respected her, even back then and still to this day I respect both partners in any given union. I behaved, good girl that I was, as I was also myself in a long-distance relationship at the time with my partner of three years in high school and yes we were both sexually active together during our relationship but we had spent a year with our relationship being long distance since I had moved six hours away to escape some of the bullshit in that small town: Basically I had a couple I was friends with in high school and the white male in that relationship took advantage of me and drugged me one night and I prosecuted his sorry ass for it, which in turn sparked outrage from some of his loyal posse so I had girls and guys harassing me and many ignorant bitches got knocked the fuck out for starting fights with wrong gal. Luckily I had just as many amazing humans standing up for me, too and threatening to kick his sorry ass into another state, but ultimately I needed a break from the harassment, I got tired of people bringing fights to me. At first I would just finish the fight and people weren’t as apt to fuck with me when they saw the size of the fight in my small tight body, but I got tired of always having to watch my back because the only way people would try to fight me was the dirty way – jumping me from behind my back – and so I decided to give my mother another chance and spend a year with her about six hours away. It wasn’t all that bad thanks to a foreign exchange student I took in who was in an otherwise not happy home – no one wanted her in the family except for the father, and my mom let her smoke weed with me so she was happy with us – and she remains like a sister to me to this day. And it also wasn’t so bad thanks to my sexy older black man neighbor. Man he was fine af. Honestly I wish I had his contact info because I’m over 18 now. Greg if you are reading this and still think about the time you tempted me with your fine self and those Magnums, my husband and I are polyamorous and he would love to watch me live out that fantasy I was so well-behaved and restrained myself from living out back then. Holla at ya girl! J

Also, my half-sister had a thing for black guys, and my cousins had babies with black guys, so maybe I inherited a slight predisposition to big black cock; it might be in my DNA / genes that I’m predominantly attracted to sexy black men. Who knows? There is also more racism in my family as well, some relatives in the deep south that I’ve disowned because of their comments made when we had our first black president. Maybe it’s part of my soul mission here on earth to heal some of the racism still existing in the hearts of some misguided children on the planet. I know my grandfather, the family member I was closest with, was not racist at all. He also had a Playboy magazine with Naomi Campbell on the front cover and yes I indulged myself to take a look. She’s a beautiful woman with great sex appeal. All I’m saying is at least some of my family knows what’s up, I’m glad I didn’t have to disown all of them. J

12. With the ever increasing, huge success of interracial BBC sites like "" and "", "Black", "Black" and the legendary Dogfart network of sites
like "Blacks On"  do you think interracial porn will ever go to the number #1 or number #2 genre of adult/porn someday? Did you see Kayne West giving
a shout out to on the Jimmy Kimmel show here?
I think that could definitely happen. Racism is dying. Thank God. I think most people think that unity is a beautiful thing, whether it’s white on white, black on white, white on black, native on black, Latina on black, Latina on white, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern (my goodness just look at Mia Khalifa, she rocks the cock and is a drool-worthy babe). My point is I feel that most people are bored of the mainstream overacted white-on-white porn. People live variety. People like diversity. We are a genuine real-life married ethical polyamorous couple providing both, we feel.

I think more people are interested in genuine reactions when it comes to sex and with interracial it’s hard for girls to fake it that they’re enjoying themselves because typically they’re genuinely enjoying themselves.

No I didn’t see that Kanye shouted out on the Jimmy Kimmel show, but that’s awesome!

13. Underneath each question below write "agree", "disagree" or "depends" or explain your own answer below.

"In your experiences with black men (BBC)":

Black men are often perceived as dangerous, which can be exciting and or a turn on for most women?

Depends. Dangerous isn’t really exciting or a turn-on for me specifically but it might be a sexy factor for others. I think there is still some naughtiness and taboo attached from the bigotry of the past. Imagine interracial porn in the 50s when there were segregated water fountains. I feel like I’m fighting racism and winning the battle every time I’m a slut for big black cock. It’s incredibly fun and liberating.

Black men often have bigger dicks?

This is definitely true in my experience. There are still big white cocks and big non-black cocks that surprise and excite me, but there is no denying the big black cock. Respect the BBC!

Black men seem to fuck better! Even if smaller dicks are on some of these black guys they still seem to fuck
better than most white/asian/latin/ non-black men.

I haven’t met a black man who doesn’t have good rhythm, and from the black men I’ve been with, it’s true they’ve been good lovers. I also have to shout out the Latin lovers, too (who also generally have good rhythm), and there have been a couple white guys that were good in bed (like my friend from college that we visited recently), but yes black men do have a special way of making love and fucking, it’s true.

Black men often are confident. They also do not seem to be nervous or uptight like other non-black men?

Agree. I think they have an easier time coming to terms with themselves and generally can decide what they want to do with their lives and how they want to apply themselves and their time. This kind of go-getter, hustler mentality bestows a certain air of confidence. Many black men I know have not been afraid to go after what they love whether it’s modeling or writing or something else. It’s beautiful to see them accomplish their goals and they stay humble but still know they got it going on. It’s kind of like that feeling when you accomplish a goal you set out to accomplish – that confident feel-good feeling. Many black men are putting in work for their dreams or their passions, and they have a healthy level of self-confidence as a result of their hard work, focus and dedication. This kind of hard work and dedication applies to all races on a case-by-case basis.

If they have a big black cock, too, that doesn’t hurt their confidence, either. Or if they’re 420-friendly that could explain why so many black men are down-to-earth, confident, chill, and just not uptight like other non-black men. But then again my BBC Daddy doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke cannabis, so that’s not it inherently.

 Black men are often way better built? Athletically superior?

I’m not sure if I would say black men are athletically superior, but they definitely have the will power and self-discipline to go after a goal when they set their mind to it, and if they have the will to have a sexy, muscularly defined body, to eat right and train their body, then my bets on them that they’ll be able to achieve that.

 Black men often have smooth moves and rhythm, do you think that has much to do with good sex?

Definitely! My husband is an incredible dancer, too. I am convinced that good rhythm does play a role in good sex. If a man can dance and grind with you good, chances are he can sex you good.

 Black men seem to have more stamina. They can fuck for hours?

I can’t say this isn’t true. In my experience, it’s generally true. My husband also has an insanely high stamina though. He could shoot a load in me or on me at probably any time. My BBC lovers would definitely be willing to fuck me for hours if and when my husband ever wanted a break, though. Sometimes he does like to relax and watch, but then his stamina gets the better of him and he winds up fully hard again from watching me. No complaints here!

 Black men are often multiple cummers and they can (especially BBC`s) can cum about 3X-4X times as much as white men.

I did take a ridiculously large load of cum all over my face from my BBC Daddy recently. I don’t know how he shoots such big loads, but he does. He was only able to cum once that one time, but that’s because I sucked him dry and got every last drop when he burst all over my face the first time. I have noticed this is pretty true. This is also true for my husband. He can fuck me, cum, and then fuck me again, cum some more, and keep fucking. He can cum 3x fucking me no problem, as long as he had enough food and isn’t fucking me on an empty stomach. His cock is regularly still hard after cumming every single time though. All this and he lets me be a slut for BBC sometimes?! I know, he’s a keeper :o

 Black men are often more accepting of a larger and or older woman and can handle her it seems more often than some white/asian/latin/ non black men?

14. Are you a size queen, what is an ideal cock size for you?

I would love to be able to say that “size doesn’t matter”, but I definitely don’t get aroused by small or tiny cocks. I need a big white cock, a big phat thick cock, not just length wise, but good girth. Short with girth doesn’t really cut it either. An ideal cock size is my husband’s cock size, which is at least 8 inches in length and I’m not sure the exact girth but it’s good and thick – and his perfect dick is not the only reason I married him, far from it: he’s incredibly funny, loving, loyal, has an amazing heart, and we make a great team – but he has the perfect cock for me, too. It’s absolutely beautiful to me and he really knows how to work it inside of me. I LOVE how big his beautiful cock gets when I’m sucking on and fucking a beautiful big black cock (tough life, I know). It takes a big white cock, or a big black cock – and I’d be open to other races, too, I’m not racist by any means – but it takes a big cock to get my kitty excited. It takes a big monster cock to make my pussy drip. When I first sucked on my BBC Daddy in front of my Daddy (husband), I audibly said out loud “my pussy is dripping”, and I felt my pussy juice drip and hit the wood floors under me, and I could see I’d left my mark in his apartment. My kitty was eager to try on that monster cock. Never had I ever had a big cock like this before, especially growing up in a small town, and I rose for the challenge in every way. I love having a tight pussy, and a tight ass, and I still do have a very tight pussy and ass, but man it was nice to get a good stretch like that. I submitted to his BBC and I still thank my husband regularly for meeting him and introducing him to me and into our lives. He’s a good friend, very special.

15. Any fetishes you are into?

I’m definitely the “Blowjob Queen”, or at least my husband and several male friends have stroked my ego enough into believing so.

I love sucking on huge cock. I love getting fucked at the same time, turns out (thanks hubby for opening that magical world up to me xo). Before I met my husband I thought about and had a couple of threesome experiences with two girls, not all the way but with some play, but the thought of two guys at the same time honestly repulsed me at one time. I thought, “That’s slutty, who needs more than one cock at a time, one good cock is perfectly fine”. Oh, but more than one good cock is perfectly spectacular! I can’t believe I used to be such a prude (no offense to any of my vanilla friends who may somehow find their eyeballs here). After having two cocks at the same time, I’m left wondering what it will be like having a gangbang, and what it will be like to finally try double penetration. I know I like the sensation of anal, but it’s just a tricky form of play, you have to be extra careful. I’ve had a couple of dreams where my husband and another mystery male was fucking me good and my ass was gaped, like the size of a quarter, so I know I must have been getting my DP in that dream, I just have to make it happen in real life soon, and record it!

I’m thinking I’m going to try a blow bang and bukkake soon with some friends as well, and I’ll have them all take a vote on if I really am the “Blowjob Queen”.

I just feel so lucky to have such an amazing husband who loves me enough to let me be loved by others, and I feel the same way for my husband. I love sharing him with sexy, smart, respectful, cool special ladies and I hope for more sexy ladies in our near future, too. I know a few in real life, I’m not sure if they would make erotic art with us, but I’m happy whether it happens on or off camera. I definitely need to do more girl-girl content, too. I’m grateful that my husband opened up the can of freak that was lying dormant in me for so many years from trauma and abuse and I’m just really enjoying all of the sexual healing.

16. Turn ons?

A good sense of humor, intelligence and intelligent communications, gratitude and appreciation, empathy, compassion, kindness, patience, respect, a beautiful heart, sexy eyes, a sexy jaw line, a fine ass muscular bubble butt, someone who takes care of themselves and makes a conscientious effort to take care of his or her environment, relationships, and impact on those around him or her. I am turned on by those who care about the impact of their actions, who are responsible and considerate, bold and unafraid to stand up for others and for what’s right.

My husband turns me on, and putting on hot shows with sexy men or women for him turns me on; both having him watch and having him involved turns me on. I swear his cock is the happiest watching me let my inner slut out, which I had repressed for a very long time.

My husband is straight but he’s queer enough to share me at the same time with another man, which is one of my favorite sexual experiences, spit roast or tag team or whatever you want to call it. It is an experience I wouldn’t of otherwise had if I hadn’t met and bonded so deeply with my husband. He was the first man I let put it in my butt, too.

Thanks to my husband I now know that anal play is a turn on. I love getting my ass trained and toyed and being able to take a hard cock in my ass. We have to train my ass more so we can do more of that soon.

Sexy women turn me on. I will stick my tongue deep in a sexy booty hole, I get it men – I really do. I’m very bisexual.

Also sexy men with big cocks turn me on. Sexy black men with big black cocks turn me on. Men that eat my pussy and my ass until I juice all over their face, I’m talking about the art of foreplay here. Also a really good massage that actually relieves tense muscles – not talking wimp massages – but good massages will always help get me “in the mood”.

Being a turn on to others as well turns me on. I like to be watched.

Talking dirty lovingly – I like to be told what a “good girl” I am, what a “sexy good little slut” I am. I love being called the “Blowjob Queen”. I love being called “Queen”, and treated and worshipped like a Queen. Every woman could be a queen, but not every woman chooses to be. I choose to be a Queen. I love expressing my inner sexual Goddess. Any positive affirmations in the bedroom really turn me on and give me more love energy to give right back to the lucky man or woman that I’m serving / taking care of / being served by.

17. Turn offs?

Entitlement – people who act like they’re obligated to absolutely anything beyond something they’ve put in the hard work, time, and commitment for. Rudeness, meanness, ignorance, racism, homophobia, the type of people that are 100% opportunists – meaning, opportunities are great, but putting them above all else is not so great.

Poor hygiene, excessive hair – I do prefer shaved, both on myself and on my lovers, and I typically shave myself – but a little well-groomed body hair is sometimes okay.

Excessive cursing turns me off. Cursing directed towards any other person is also a big turn-off. Bullying is a huge turn-off.

Liars, thieves, manipulators, all of those traits are huge turn-offs.

Also girls when I’m eating you out and “rocking your world”, and you don’t reciprocate and eat my pussy good or at all – i.e., girls that don’t return oral sex – not cool! Also, guys that don’t eat pussy – don’t bring your dick pic anywhere near me, let alone in real life. 

Humiliation, degradation – anything too crass or disrespectful is going to be a buzz kill for me, personally.

I’m okay with being called a “slut” now in the bedroom but honestly it took me a long time to be OK with being called a slut because I used to get triggered from my mom always calling me a slut in my youth – back before I ever even began exploring my sexuality – back when the label of “slut” just didn’t apply. Plus in northern Wisconsin where I grew up I was often judged a slut by jealous women that would nearly break their necks giving me their hideous death glares from their car as they passed me by with me wearing my so offensive jeans, tank top and zip-up hoodie. Girls hated on me because I was pretty and guys were always checking me out, and even some guys hated on me that felt that I was out of their league. A girlfriend in college told me her boyfriend thought I was a slut and he told her that I was sleeping with all the guys in this college house, when I hadn’t slept with any single one of them. Just because true I could have had my pick of guys back then – and I still can now – that doesn’t mean I’m out fucking every hard dick that comes my way. There are so many guys I could have slept with back in the day, I’m not the slut they wish I were. Haha!

And jealous bitches that assume I don’t have more self-respect than that – assuming I’m trying to fuck their lame man or man interest – turn me off.

I’m turned off by twat white bois that think I’m a slut for NOT fucking them (yes I have been called a slut for not sleeping with someone – da fuque?!) and then they go and assume I’m fucking every dude but their poor sorry ass. Trust me, I treat my pussy like it’s top shelf because I know that it is. I treat my body like the temple that it is and I will only let people get close that I feel are worthy of worshipping and being worshipped in return.

There were many attached men that wanted to pound my pussy and ass back in the day and I wouldn’t give them the time of day because guys that are deceptive and go behind their girl’s back is a turn off for me as well. That’s just a complete lack of integrity on display! If you’re in a polyamorous relationship, that’s one thing. For example, I had a girlfriend in high school that was dating a good friend of mine that I admittedly had a crush on, and one night we were all drinking and she was like, “You can fuck my boyfriend right now, you can go upstairs and you guys can fuck. I want you to”. I thought about it, but I was pretty shy back then, tempting as it was, and I passed up that opportunity. I could have let her fuck me with a strap-on in college later even, but still was too shy.

People that make assumptions about and judge others is a turn off for me, probably because I’ve had so many false assumptions and poor judgments made about me in my life.

That’s part of reclaiming my sexual power that my mother and others tried to rob from me. I will be a slut when I want to with who I want to and even then I’m *incredibly selective and I have integrity. I’m not out fucking married men behind their wives back and I never will be. Chances are with most married men I will probably be more into their wives anyway.

Jealousy is a HUGE turn-off. It took me a long time to heal from all the abuse my mother dished out and I realize now it’s just because she was jealous of my beauty and jealous of the attention that my big muscle butt garnered. I also have always been pretty good at just about anything that I’ve applied myself to, sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and things like kayaking, rock climbing, to my art, music and academics – and my mother was jealous of that, too. I still love her and send her love from a distance but never again will I give her the power to harm my loved ones or me.

Guys that want to be in a one-sided open relationship, meaning they’re cool to fuck other women but aren’t cool with their woman fucking other men – yeah those guys suck ass. For example I have some friends, they’re a couple, and the wife wants to try a more polyamorous lifestyle and has even told her husband that he could fuck me and she doesn’t have to fuck my husband or any other guys in return, but that doesn’t sit right with me. Even if the wife is okay with being left out of the extra fun, I’m not okay with that sort of imbalance. I will not fuck with one-sided energies like that. No way. Also, sad to say that most women that chase after my husband are married women that are doing so behind their husbands’ backs. He’s had many friendships fall out once he discovered that their husband was not okay with them flirting, let alone possibly more at some point. So, women are just as guilty as men of being deceptive and conniving in their relationships, trying to sneak around on the low. There are plenty of married couples where both partners are perpetually cheating on each other, but they’re “monogamous” and complete hypocrites if one finds out about the other’s affairs. Then there are the revenge cheaters; those who get cheated on then make it a mission to cheat on their lover to “pay them back”. Why get caught up in such petty games? If you don’t want to be in a healthy polyamorous or even monogamous relationship, then find someone who isn’t a perpetual cheater and settle down or don’t couple up with anyone and stop complaining.

A lack of self-respect is a turn off, having no standards or ambitions, or goals is also a turn off.

A girl my husband and I once dated – who sadly later went a little flip-mode on us, claiming she was only into me and wasn’t attracted to my husband even though she recently creamed all over his dick and moaned like a sexy little slut – once said that we’re just like every other couple, only more honest. That felt pretty accurate, honestly.

People who complain about every little thing and focus on the negative are a major buzz kill. Our thoughts and words are energy just as much as our actions are. Mind yoself with that ish! People that are disrespectful to others for no reason but expect respect in return, just no.

Also read: wimp massages.

18. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?

Besides my husband toying my ass, and fucking me in my ass, I’d say the kinkiest thing I’ve tried is probably my first BBC spit roast, which just happened this year thanks to my loving husband arranging for a couple of our friends to cum over. It was amazing. I got so slutty and a little drunk, and I really enjoyed myself.

Also rim jobs; I have only ever given them to my husband and a couple of our BBC friends but they are fun to give and receive sometimes – when the ass is clean, I’m kind of a clean freak.

I also really enjoyed a night where my husband and I took turns making out with two beautiful women, and I adore them to this day and look forward to hopefully visiting them in the future and picking up where we left off.

Also I think taking a facial from a monster BBC is pretty damn kinky. According to him I’m the Blowjob Queen, too.

19. Do you have any fantasies?

We’ve yet to try double penetration, but it’s on my bucket-list, it’s definitely been a fantasy of mine pretty much ever since my husband surprised me in a regular toying session with a small beaded glass toy and went and put my vibrator in my ass back in 2014. Ever since that moment I thought, “Wow, I bet having someone fuck me in my pussy and my ass at the same time WOULD feel good, real good”. DP is a big fantasy and we’ll definitely make it a reality in the future when possible, and we plan on filming it.

Also I’d like to try a gang-bang with some of my BBC friends. And then I’d like to try an interracial gang-bang with my husband and at least another friend of mine from college. He thought I was the hottest girl back at college and he always wanted to bang me. My husband and I visited him – he’s not too far from us – and we made his fantasy come true. I wore my “Slut” collar, and I sucked both of their big white cocks and they tag-teamed and spit roasted me and it was one of the hottest nights of my life.

We have quite a bit of anal training before I’ll be ready for DP, but some gangbang fantasies might not be too far off. 

I’d love to try an orgy / group sex with some sexy like-minded women and men, obviously I’d invite my husband, our BBC friends, my friend from college, and I could probably rally up a few more friends from college if I tried hard enough. I think a big hotel party with some good mixed drinks – I can make a flirty gin and tonic with lime or rum mojito – plus some legal 420 would be perfect with the right vibes. Even better if everyone is into having the erotic experience filmed. That could be really cool and super arousing.

I’d love to have more threesomes with some sexy, respectful, bisexual women that are happy to share my sexy man with me. If she’s respectful and genuine who knows? Maybe we’ll even introduce her to our other special sexy friends.

Another fantasy I have is being kind of suspended in the air while being fucked, which I plan on trying soon with Daddy and some BBC friends. First just pussy, but eventually it would be hot to try DP that way too, with them holding me up.

Another fantasy I have is to try like a train with a few close friends where I’m semi-restrained, maybe like a doggy-style train with my ankles bound or something. That’d be kinky and hot.

I’d love to try an all-girl orgy, too.

20. Is there anyone in the industry with whom you would like to work with?

I honestly hadn’t put much thought, perhaps any, into this question before, besides making art with some of our close friends, which prompted me to do a little kinky research. I’d be happy to make a sexy scene with the following, or film a sexy scene of them with my husband, or have a friend film a threesome of them with my husband and I. For the ladies: Alina Lopez, Autumn Falls, Jade Kush, Ariana Marie, Uma Jolie, Ana Foxxx, Demi Sutra, Kira Noir, Katana Kombat, Alex Coal, Aaliyah Hadid, Vina Sky, Ayumi Anime, Dani Daniels, and Mia Khalifa. For the gentlemen: Actually it’s harder to find out who the male talent is in a lot of videos so I don’t really have any specific names for guys, but if they’re a fit, sexy, respectful, genuine, real guy or girl with good vibes and we get along, chances are I’m open to working with them on an erotic level to some degree.

21. What are your goals, in this lifestyle? How do you want to be known?

I want to be known for being real and genuine. I’d like to be known for my brains as much as if not more than my beauty. I’m a lot more than a “pretty face” or “big booty”, I’m actually really smart, like programming level smart. In high school I was elected top editor in my journalism class, and I also smoked cannabis every day from the time I was around 14/15 years old to help me deal with PTSD. I tried it and told myself if my grades slipped I would stop smoking, but it really helped me manage my PTSD, I was actually able to focus and apply myself in school. I got my first 4.0 smoking three to five times a day with my bestie in high school, and I scored a 25 on my ACT plus writing, plus played on the soccer team while high and it even helped with my exercise-induced asthma. I love my brain and I appreciate when people recognize me for more than just any outer appearances. I’ve actually been judged so many times as being a “dumb slut” or just being a dumb party girl because I was popular and athletic in high school and college. One of my old friends – someone who would have supported my modeling for Suicide Girls or Playboy years ago, but doesn’t support that I model nude and erotic independently now – once said to me: “People underestimate how fucking smart you are”. At the time I thought it was a compliment, but in retrospect I know it was actually what she thought of me initially and how she misjudged me. But I think to a degree that’s one of my super powers / advantages either way. People often underestimate my wits and intelligence and it often gives me the upper hand. It helps me be a “smart slut” if anything. I don’t really fuck with dumb people. I need a certain level of depth in not only partners but also my friends. I have a good heart and I put my heart into everything I do, including my erotica. I would like to be known for my original music and benefit shows and festivals; for helping incredible artists perform their first show(s) in Los Angeles and for helping great charities and causes. I’d also like to be known for breaking the cycle, for defying statistics, for doing things different especially in music and porn. I want to be known for being a strong, independent woman; I’d like to be known for inspiring others who’ve been through similar hardships or who are going through hardships to keep going and to never give up. I’ve heard fans say they’ve felt so inspired from the last event of ours they attended and that alone inspires me. It’s a beautiful cycle to inspire and be inspired. I just want to spread love and inspiration and positivity. So far, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of doing that. I have fans who love just my music, I have fans who love my erotic art, and I have fans who love me for me and for all that I do and that is a blessing that I count on the regular. I feel the love and I appreciate the love and send it back to all of my fans, friends, and lovers out there tenfold. I ignore anything that isn’t love, honestly. No time to water the weeds, unless we’re growing cannabis.

22. Where can your fans find you online?

The erotica can be found at | also fans may purchase their favorite erotic photo sets at and may purchase their favorites videos at

We may do more live streams in the future at other sites we have profiles on, but to date we do more erotic live streams on our ManyVids. Also sometimes I do naked karaoke. Check it out, and share your song requests with me ;)

The music can be found at and we also released our debut album Last Words in May/June 2014 via The Band Famous app, which we developed and deployed to the iPhone App Store (iPad and iPod touch can download it, too!). We were able to develop and deploy The Band Famous to Android Google Play Store in Nov 2015, making it cross-platform, which is sort of like translating German to French. Check out our debut album and more in the apps. Also, definitely check out the Hall Of Fame and TBF Radio at, there’s some incredible music in there, and not just mine, though you will hear a couple of our songs in the mix. Explore the site if you do visit, our apps and our website was made with so much love. Definitely share any music you find on our website if it inspires you, whether it’s by The Band Famous or if it’s by one of our featured artists in the Hall Of Fame. Our latest Awakening - EP is available in disc and digital format on Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and more. We’re also planning to do more live streams of video games we play like League of Legends, and also music live streams as well.

Fans can also find me at, which is our parent site / company site to Explore and you can find a bunch of galleries and information about history, events and more.

23. What would you say to a woman (in the adult industry) or (just a regular woman) who has never been with a black man (BBC) sexually? What would you say, what advice would
you give her if she was on the fence about it? Anything she is likely to notice, what did you notice your 1st time?

I would say if she’s thought about it it’s probably for a reason and to act out on that delicious kinky thought at least once if/when the time feels right. I would say to bring coconut oil or your favorite lube, although you may be surprised to see / feel your pussy DRIP while you’re sucking on it / sizing it up with your mouth. I would say get ready to be surprised at how much your pussy will thirst and drip and drool in anticipation and that it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t give your kitty the love she deserves. Find you a sexy, respectful black man, and get ready to let your inner slut out. She’ll probably be turned on by the sheer contrast of skin color and my bet is on that she’ll drop her jaw as his big black tool gently stretches her tight holes for the first time. She is likely to notice how slutty she feels, like inhibitions will be down when she gets that big black cock in her thirsty mouth. It will definitely turn her on and be an experience she’ll most likely want to repeat.

24. Is there anything in closing you would like to say?

Thank you so much for this interview. I hope that my story and my work will inspire others. I aim to inspire. Stay loving my people!

Thank you for doing this interview. It was a pleasure getting to know you and sharing with your fans. Would love to have you back possibly for another interview sometime.

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