Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lena Starr

                                    Interview with Lena Starr

Welcome to the blog. So where are you from? What state do you reside in currently? Do you travel?
I'm originally from Poland but I've lived in America since I was seven years old. I currently live in California! I travel to Europe fairly often to visit family.

2. Marital status?
Single and very bi!

3. How long have you been active in the lifestyle?
I've been into kink since my late teens but I didn't actually get the courage to start posting photos of myself until my early twenties. 

4. How did you get introduced to sex with black men?
I started seeing this guy in high school who loved white girls and I would spend a lot of time with him and his group of friends who were also black guys.

5. Describe your first time having sex with a black man?
I remember his big lips kissing me until my pussy was so wet, but his dick was so big and my pussy was so tight when he slid in it still surprised me as much as it surprised him. Maybe surprise is the wrong word. He fucking loved it. And I loved how much he loved it.

6. Describe your personality?
I'm a bit shy at first but can't help loving doing what I want and I enjoy being the life of the party.

7. Any piercings or tattoos?
Yes, I have two tattoos: one on my foot (Stay Positive) and two dates on my upper back.

8. Do you, or would you ever get a "Queen Of Spades" temporary or permanent tattoo? Do you consider yourself a QOS`s lady or do you just love black men but don`t need a tattoo to show it?
Duh, but I'm a PRINCESS of Spades. I like to put my own spin on the title because I like to set my love of BBC apart from others. My tattoo is going to be a bit nontraditional: I'm going to get a spade. I think we'll all know what it means ;)

9. Interracial swinging and porn is becoming increasingly more popular and prevalent every day. Why do you think this is and
how much more progress can be made? I know lack of black men in certain areas of states/countires for white/etc couples and women is a problem? Not enough black men to go around. Do you think social media and network groups can help to remedy this? You may answer if you would like. Or leave blank if you do not have an opinion. 
I have heard from some other black men that there is a rise in the demand for BBC as the cuckhold fetish is increasing and as sex is becoming less taboo. I think that sex education needs to continue and that sex needs to be less stigmatized. There shouldn't be a taboo about something that everyone knows about and everyone participates in. This includes porn, too. It's silly that we are depriving ourselves as a society of talking about something that is, in reality, so normal and an essential part of our lives. I hope this answers at least a tiny part of the question. 

10. There is a huge interracial fetish within this lifestyle, do you prefer to date black guys or have no preference on who you play with?
I prefer black cock and women mmmmm.

11. What is it about black men? What thing/things turns you on about them?
They're just so fucking sexy and know how to fuck. I love being fucked by someone who can really take charge and since I also love being worshipped, I love that black men love my white girl booty.

12. Are you a size queen, what is an ideal cock size for you?
I am a size queen for sure, I love big cock and I love trying to stuff as much of it into my mouth as I can. I would love to be able to deepthroat. A girl can dream.

13. Any fetishes you are into?
Have you seen my fetlife??? I have way too many. 

14. Turn ons?
I love spanking, having my face slapped with your big black dick, I love love love cum on my face, but then again I also love creampies... I just have a shitload of turn ons. I'm kind of a kinky freak. What can I say?

15. Turn offs?
Very few... mostly I'm just not into certain kinks not listed on my fetlist but because I'm not into kinkshaming I don't want to list them here and make it seem like it's okay to kink shame people. I do think it's a turn off when men don't care about respecting women or their consent. That shit is not okay. Or sexy.

16. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Uh haha I guess I would say filming porn but otherwise I guess masturbating in front of an audience in a sex dungeon.

17. Do you have any fantasies?
I have many and they are all something you wish you could know ;) I describe them sometimes in my solo videos or in custom videos.

18. Is there anyone in the industry with whom you would like to work with?
Bryan fucking Gozzling

19. What are your goals, in this lifestyle? How do you want to be known?
My goals are to always and only do work I'm interested in and work with people and companies that make me feel safe and comfortable. So far, I feel very happy with all my decisions and everyone has been absolutely awesome. Severe Sex Studios, Lily Cade, and Jack Blaque - all great people!

20. Where can your fans find you online? or

21. Is there anything in closing you would like to say?
I am always down to meet fans or meet people to collaborate with. I'm interested in pretty much anything and everything, including fetish modeling, fetish porn, burlesque, etc. I just love being sexy, acting sexy, being on camera, and showing off and being admired. It's just so much fun for me. So please, if you want to work together, just hit me up!

22. What would you say to a woman (in the adult industry) or (just a regular woman) who has never been with a black man (BBC) sexually? What would you say, what advice would you give her if she was on the fence about it? Anything she is likely to notice, what did you notice your 1st time? 
I actually had this conversation with the girl who did my Brazilian wax! I always say it's so amazing and take your time and use lube if you need to. They know how to fuck and you just need to switch positions if you think you can't take it or it's so big it feels painful. There are always positions you can find where a gigantic cock won't hit your cervix and then you won't feel like you're being split in half haha. Don't lose that big beautiful dick because you think it's too big!!! Look up new positions to try in bed instead :)


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