Sunday, July 19, 2020

Lacey Loxxx

                                            Interview with Lacey Loxxx

1. So where are you from? What state do you reside in currently? Do you travel? I'm actually in the UK! A sweet little Yorkshire lass. 

2. Marital status? Currently In a longterm and loving relationship; my first, and only boyfriend! Still hasn't put a ring on it yet, 5 years later though! 🤷‍♀️

3. How long have you been active in the lifestyle? We were active in the swinging lifestyle before turning QoS. It took 1 meet with a white guy to go black. Ha. Of course, no going back! That was a couple of years ago, however I took a good years or so out of it as we got pregnant with our first child! 

4. How did you get introduced to sex with black men? My partner. He got us into swinging, then huge black dildos started appearing and the secret slut training began... Then we met a black man! 

5. Describe your first time having sex with a black man? Mind blowing!! It really is something else. Like going from a 15" TV to a 60"! The difference is incredible. 

6. Describe your personality? Umm, I'd like to say fun and chill? Definitely adventurous and a bit of a thrill seeker. I dont take life too seriously and believe were all here to have a good time, it's nice to be nice! :D 

7. Any piercings or tattoos? No piercings anymore. I did have my septum pierced and spider bites (4 piercings across my bottom lip) once upon a time, though. Only 1 tattoo as of yet; a little matching one with my sister. I'll be changing that once I've fully stopped breastfeeding, though! 

8. Do you, or would you ever get a "Queen Of Spades" temporary or permanent tattoo? Do you consider yourself a QOS`s lady or do you just love black men but don`t need a tattoo to show it? For sure, I plan on getting one as my first tattoo after being a mama! I'd like to say QoS. 

9. Interracial swinging and porn is becoming increasingly more popular and prevalent every day. Why do you think this is and
how much more progress can be made? I know lack of black men in certain areas of states/countires for white/etc couples and women is a problem? Not enough black men to go around. Do you think social media and network groups can help to remedy this? You may answer if you would like. Or leave blank if you do not have an opinion. I think the porn side of things is definitely aesthetics. A big black cock truly stretches a pussy out and makes for some great footage seeing that pussy grab onto the cock for fear life. I dont think lack of black men is the issue really, I think underlying fear/jealousy/racism is more the issue. Not everyone is happy to share, or even wants to. I think in recent years with sexuality and kinks becoming much more widely accepted, we will see a lot more couples opening their doors to new things. 

10. There is a huge interracial fetish within this lifestyle, do you prefer to date black guys or have no preference on who you play with? My partner is the only white man I'll ever have sex with again. 

11. What is it about black men? What thing/things turns you on about them? Honestly as shallow as it seems, it's the cock and the bods.

12. Are you a size queen, what is an ideal cock size for you? For sure. A super thick 9inch dick would be my ideal. 

13. Any fetishes you are into? Restraints. 

14. Turn ons? BDSM, "reluctance", forced orgasms, huge cock/dildos, public play, public humiliation etc... I enjoy the "darker" side of sex. 

15. Turn offs? Honestly, I'm willing to try everything once unless it involves children, animals, scat or extreme pain! 

16. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried? Ah bloody hell, god knows! Probably DVP? Or fisting? 

17. Do you have any fantasies? Far too many to list! 

18. Is there anyone in the industry with whom you would like to work with? Oh there's a few. Working on getting my little white ass over to the US to get some proper BBC. 

19. What are your goals, in this lifestyle? How do you want to be known? Get dick make money live good and provide for my son. Haha. I just want to be known as one of the best little black cock sluts there could be! 

20. Where can your fans find you online? I have a couple of accounts online, heres some links!

21. Is there anything in closing you would like to say? Not really, other than I hope you all enjoy my content, and I love hearing everyone's feedback... And doing custom content 😛

22. What would you say to a woman (in the adult industry) or (just a regular woman) who has never been with a black man (BBC) sexually? What would you say, what advice would
you give her if she was on the fence about it? Anything she is likely to notice, what did you notice your 1st time?
JUST DO IT. Honestly, you'll never know until you try and I'm 99.9% you'll enjoy it and your pussy will thank you for it. Life is too short to live with regrets. 🤘✌

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